Nissan Skyline R34

Nissan Skyline R34

In May 1998, the EN34, HR34, ER34 and BNR34 marked the introduction of the more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly RB25DET NEO engine. The RB20E engine was discontinued in the R34 base model (GT), and the RB20DE, after last being used in the R32 Skyline, was reintroduced in updated NEO guise. The R34 GT powered by the RB20DE NEO, coupled with a five-speed gearbox, became the most fuel-efficient straight-six Skyline to date (of any shape). " The 4-speed automatic transmission available on some models in the previous two shapes were discontinued. In its place, Nissan produced a 4-speed Tiptronic transmission for all of the automatic versions (Except the base 2.0L, which has a standard 5-speed gearbox). Only the GT-T coupe variant was sold in New Zealand and Hong Kong from 1997 to 2000 respectively. They were the only two countries besides Japan that sold the R34 GT-T model Skylines new. All Japanese Nissan Prince Store locations that sold the Skyline were renamed Nissan Red Stage.


  • GT – 2.0 L RB20DE NEO I6, 155 ps (114 kW)
  • 25 GT, GT-X (4 door model), 2.5 L RB25DE NEO I6, 200 ps (147 kW)
  • GT-V 2.5 L RB25DE NEO I6, (147 kW)
  • GT-FOUR – 2.5 L RB25DE NEO I6, 200 ps (147 kW) 4WD
  • GT-T – 2.5 L RB25DET NEO turbo I6, 280 hp (206 kW, 343 N m)
The GT-R reappeared in 1999, with a revised chassis and other updates. The R34 turbos received a ball bearing core. The R34 N1 turbos had a metal exhaust wheel, and ball bearing center section. The turbo outlet pipes were changed from cast to formed metal outlets. The intercooler outlet side and rear turbo dump pipe had temperature probes fitted in the V-spec models. The biggest feature and most significant feature to the R34 GT-R that wasn't seen on any other model skyline was the display unit at the top of the dashboard. This display unit was very significant for the car at its time. This display showed many of the cars engine stats including boost pressure, oil temp, water temp and more. As a 1999 car this kind of technology was very rare and advanced at the time. The display was capable of showing the G-force that the car was under when driving and there was also a lap timer that could be started by a button that was located near the gear lever. There was a computer jack lead hidden underneath the left passenger side skirt that could be used to transfer driving data from the car to a laptop. This could only be done with a Japanese version of Windows and Japanese software, which today is very hard to come by. Other features such as the battery being located under the back seat of the car made more room available in the engine bay. The Nissan Skyline GT-R rivals are the Toyota Supra and the Mazda RX-7

Models: (all ATTESA E-TS Pro AWD)

  • GT-R – 2.6 L RB26DETT twin-turbo I6, 332 PS (244 kW, 392 Nm) (advertised as 276)[39]
  • GT-R V·spec – Additional aero parts, brake ventilation ducts, diffuser, -ALSD.
  • GT-R V·spec II – As V·spec + carbon fibre hood with NACA duct.
  • GT-R V·spec II N1 – V·spec II with Blueprinted N1 motor, no A/C, no stereo, no rear wiper, basic interior trim. (only 45 made)
  • GT-R M·spec – Leather interior, softer suspension with "Ripple Control" dampers, heated seats.
  • GT-R V·spec II Nür – As above V·spec II + N1 motor, 300 km/h speedometer. (only 750 made)
  • GT-R M·spec Nür – As above M·spec + N1 motor, 300 km/h speedometer. (only 253 made)
  • GT-R NISMO S-tune- The S-tune was an M·spec but with further modifications to components in the engine block.
  • GT-R NISMO R-tune- Same as the S-tune, the R-tune was a different style M·spec
  • GT-R NISMO Z-tune – 2.8 L (bored and stroked) RB26DETT Z2 twin-turbo I6, 500 PS (368 kW, 540 Nm) Z1 and Z2 (Only 19 made)

Skyline GT-R M·spec (2001–02)

The M·spec is a version of Nissan Skyline GT-R with ripple control shock absorbers, M·spec-specific leather seat (front/rear seat, with front seat heater), 3-spoke leather wrapped steering wheel, and choice of four body colours (including Silica Breath (RPM/multi flex colour)).

The vehicle went on sale on May 8, 2001.[40]

Skyline GT-R M·spec Nür, V·spec II Nür (2002)

The M·spec Nür and V·spec II Nür are limited (1000 units) versions of Nissan Skyline GT-R with Super Taikyu N1 spec engine, for Japanese market. It included 300 km/h speedometer, 3d grade name emblem, and addition body colour option (millennium jade (metallic).

The vehicles went on sale on February 26, 2002.[40]


The production of Skyline GT-R type R34 ended in August 2002.

Since the beginning of Skyline GT-R M·spec Nur and V·spec II Nür sales, 25% of vehicles sold were M・spec Nur, 75 of vehicles sold were V·spec II Nür. Millennium Jade, White Pearl, and White body colors have been used on 28%, 22%, 16% of M·spec Nür and V·spec II Nür vehicles respectively.[41]


As part of the Type R34 GT-R final campaign, all Skyline GT-R customers received a GT-R official photo album (「歴代GT-Rオフィシャル写真集<限定版>」) before January 24, 2002.[40]

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